Established in Vancouver but servicing North America in this digital world we live in.

Editing demo reels since 2006.  I offer professional, high quality digital reels that are internet-ready.   These are actor demo reels, speed reels, teaser reels and director reels.

Demo reels are an ever-evolving tool for actors.  What worked back in the mid 2000s doesn’t apply much anymore.  They are a constantly morphing view of an actor’s work, so should be kept in pace with it. A demo should not last years but be kept current, otherwise casting and producers can miss how much things are moving forward for actors.  They capture casting’s attention when new materials are shown and gives agents something to talk about with them.

I’ve gained invaluable experience in assembling reels — finding a theme, inner-scene cutting, how to maintain a flow, ideal clip length, focus on actor, etc.  The reels range from beginners to established series leads mostly based in LA, Vancouver and Toronto.

Mr Commercial