The Details

Hi, feel free to contact me with any questions. Read the following and I’ll take it from there.

The package includes:

  • HD sourced material*
  • An HD digital version of your reel*
  • 2 rough-cut revisions after the initial cut.  You will receive a streaming link so you can view and make notes.
  • A link to download the final high-quality version of your reel.  It is compatible with Casting Workbook, Breakdown Services, Active Pitch, IMDB, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  • A separate version of the reel will be provided to you for Casting Networks as they have different upload guidelines.

I can also provide you with the separated clips so you may upload those to casting sites such as the above.

A demo reel package is $250 + tax (if applicable).   |   Agency titlecard and contact info change within the reel is free.

Reel Updates:

  • These are charged at $75/hr (minimum 1hr).
  • Updates are generally fast if I’m adding a new scene.  Changing the order is relatively fast as well.
  • If you need an update to a reel you already have (not cut by me), I can certainly update it.  I simply need a high resolution version of your reel.

Sourcing Material:

  • Movie or show as is — $16
  • Extracting scenes — starting at $9 for the 1st scene and $3 per scene thereafter.  This varies depending on whether you need the clips for uploading to casting sites or raw.

What I need:

  • A list of projects you’d like to include in the reel.
  • Season and episode # for TV shows.
  • A timecode reference (and a description) of where the scene is in the movie or show.  If you don’t know where you are in the project, then a description of your scene will work, i.e. environment, who’s in the scene, what you’re wearing, what happens in the scene, etc.
  • Any YouTube, Vimeo or cloud storage links of the material you already have (usually for more indy projects).
  • USB drive or external drive of your footage (usually only if the movies or shows are not available in my database).
  • Agency name, agent or manager name and contact info.
  • I also edit non-represented actor reels.

I am still able to accept DVDs but these are not the preferred method as they’re lower resolution.  However, yes as a last resort if the material cannot be found via other means.

A helpful tip is also to get input from your agent as to the structure and market of the reel.

*Not all footage on the reel may be of HD nature due to availability and/or year of project.